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"Righteousness - the Godly Kind!"

Collated by Paul Quek

Latest Revision: 2 February 2008

From "Personal Log" -- Paul's Free Blog @ (paul-quek)

(This post was made originally about 2 years ago, on 9 January 2006)

Personal Log, Earth Date 9-1-2006 2030GH ...

    OK ... after a month-long or so hiatus from the Net, today I Google "righteousness", a term that was mentioned (not surprisingly), at the New Creation Church (in Singapore), during this morning's service conducted by Senior Pastor Joseph Prince ...

    One of the websites that came up from the google search and which I really enjoyed visiting was

Home of The Word of Righteousness
( url: )

although I did get a shock from the unearthly sounds of the "Trumpet to Zion" (my speaker was turned up on HIGH and woofer-amplified as well, plus it was close to midnight!). [The homepage has since been revamped; now it opens, inter. alia, with a video clip.]

    Anyway, I like their "Daily Word of Righteousness" ( url: ).

    Also posted are the "Daily Word" for the past, as an "Archive"  ), which is divided into 2 sections: the "Last Fourteen Days Archive", and the "Weekly Archives".

I downloaded the fortnightly "Daily Word", from about mid-December 2005 to the first week or so of January 2006 [this blog post was made on 9 January 2006], and zipped-archived those files into a single file named [964KB], and I placed that file in one of my websites-depositories @ this url:

Then, I clicked on the "Weekly Archives" link ( in the url  ) and found it covered the period 12 March 1997 - 7 September 1999, inclusive, where "Weekly Archive Year 1" started from "3-12-1997" (that's March 12, 1997) and covered the next 52 weeks, which must mean that "Year 1" covered the "Daily Words" for much of 1997 as well as the early part of 1998.

Then, "Weekly Archive Year 2" started from 3-11-1998 (i.e., March 11, 1998) and again covered the next 52 weeks -- and so forth into "Weekly Archive Year 3" which started from 3-10-1999 (i.e., March 10, 1999), which is "Week 105" ... until 7 September 1999, which is "Week 130" (beginning 1 September 1999), so that "Year 3"[at the time of writing, on 9 January 2006] did not cover 52 weeks but only 26 weeks, including "Week 130" which started on 1 September 1999.

[ Minor Digression: There was a teeny, weeny link error: "Week 73" of the "Weekly Archives" was linked to "" instead of "arch0073.idc", but this was no real problem as one could easily change the url to get "arch0073.idc" ... This has since been rectified by the site's "webmaster".]

Anyway, here are the zipped files for the available "Weekly Archives" for the respective years, 1997 to 1999 (the latter is incomplete; it ends on 7 September 1999), all of which I placed under the same url as above (  ):

UpdateSince it is now February 2008, the "Weekly Archives" in the url covers "Year 3" (now complete) to "Year 11" (incomplete; its "Week 521" began on February 28, 2007, and its most recent "Week 564" began on December 26, 2007 and ended yesterday on February 1, 2008). Sorry! You have to do your own download from "Week 131" of Year 3" to "Week 564" of "Year 11". Have fun!


    Halleluyah (Praise the LORD / Praise YAHWEH)!

-- Paul Quek
    b: -- this blog!

Originally posted on: 9 January 2006
Revised on: 2 February 2008


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